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Capquest Debt Collecting Agents and the Truth About Your Debt

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The law in the UK seems not to want to notice when these things happen, it seems. A lot of the debt collecting firms that trade in Britain are owned by foreign investment capital eager to make easy money. There are laws in place regarding Capquest debt collecting agents, but somehow the debt purchasing companies trade by breaching the law whenever they think they can get away with it. They only stop on being scolded by a body like the FSA or the OFT. Even then the small punishment meted out is such a small proportion of their income that it doesn't matter, and they will treat such punishments with utter contempt.

There are a few things you can do to ensure things are difficult for them and the various strategies of Capquest debt collecting agents. You can permanently bar their phone number, or you could record their telephone conversations, you can write to them telling them not to call round at your home or a combination of these (all these form letters are at the web site).

Certainly, some debt purchasing companies (DPCs) are much worse than the rest. There are some DCAs who deal in writing batches of thousands of tentative correspondence about hypothetical debt to people telling them they owe money when in fact they owe nothing at all. This seems to work well for the DCAs because they have cashed in on the fact that a proportion of people will give in to their threats even though they know full well they are not indebted to anyone.

It is an option for you to question the validity of the alleged debt by making a SAR (or Subject Access Request) as a foil to Capquest debt collecting agents. The owner of the account (the bank or the debt purchasing company) must give you a true signed copy of your original credit agreement with the bank if that agreement was signed before 6th April 2007. When they fail to do this they are in breach of the Consumer Credit Act, and the debt is then said to be in dispute. As long as the debt is in dispute they are not allowed to ask you for money (if they do so they are breaking the law once again) and they cannot sell it on to another agency (which many are prone to do). For as long as this situation exists it may not be enforced, even by a court.. If you wish you can get a solicitor to represent you, due to the difficulty of the law at times. There are also paralegal firms who offer services in this area.

So ask Capquest Debt Collecting Agents for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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