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Name: Capquest Debt Collection Agents

Capquest Debt Collection Agents and the Truth About Your Debt

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Remember to always insist on handling the debt collectors by letter. Do not give them your phone number unless you want more trouble. The problem is that in the first instance, when your defences are down, they'll say that they are calling from the bank and so you will feel obliged to cooperate. They seek your perplexity and uncertainty, so they like to create as much confusion as they possibly can manage: here Capquest debt collection agents will have the best outcome for them. As soon as they get hold of this information they will use this to worry you and even to frighten you. The law is there to prevent this happening but most people just don't know which laws to use and the debt purchasing companies use it to their advantage. Public organisations such as the CCCS and the CAB are there to help out but often they are stretched to bursting and there are times when their help does not provide the whole picture.

The British legal system doesn't seem to care much when this happens, or so it may seem. A lot of the debt collection firms that operate in Britain are owned by overseas investment companies knowing a fast buck where they can see it. There are several laws meant to be in place governing Capquest debt collection agents, but for some unknown reason these debt collection companies manage to operate by breaking the rules wherever possible. They stop doing this only on being reprimanded by an organisation like the OFT or the Financial Services Authority. And even in such rare cases the tiny punishment meted out is such a tiny fraction of their overall earnings that it doesn't really matter to them, and they treat all such punishments with contempt.

There are several good consumer finance forums where you may read all about the ruses concerning Capquest debt collection agents and the various tricks that they use. Notice how some of the DPCs specialise in certain types of activity while others choose different lines according to their strengths. The outcome is distress for ordinary folk.

The debt collecting agencies will attempt to destabilise your life and make you worry because they will profit from doing this. They will use foul tricks, even if it is unlawful. It is a nasty profit-driven industry staffed by individuals without conscience who are told that they must achieve targets and this is why dirty tricks will always be used. The law seems not to be bothered. If you try to cope with Capquest debt collection agents you must take action yourself if you wish to defeat this injustice. Unless the law is changed a great many lives are going to continue to be ruined.

So ask Capquest Debt Collection Agents for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.


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