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Capquest is a debt purchasing company and/or debt collecting company listed in the website of the





Name: Capquest
Also Known As: Capquest Ltd, Capquest debt collectors, etc.
Address: Fleet 27, Rye Close, Fleet GU51 2QQ (some kind of accommodation address)
Telephone: 0870 084 2400 - DO NOT PHONE CAPQUEST
Fax: 0870 084 2400
Email: [user]
Extra Data:

Capquest and the Truth About Your Debt

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Always insist on handling the debt purchasing firms by letter. Never give out your telephone number. The trouble is during the first call they make they will tell you they are calling from the bank or credit card company and this will make you feel more inclined to cooperate with what they say. For them, your uncertainty is important, so they like to create as much confusion as possible: here Capquest will have the greatest effect. Because when they get hold of your details they will use this to pester you and even to terrorize you. The law is there to prevent this sort of thing from happening but most people don't know what to do and how well these debt collection companies use this to their own benefit. Bodies like the CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service) or the CAB are there to offer help but all too often they are overburdened so sometimes such advice may be lacking in detailed action.

DPCs or debt purchasing companies make their money from purchasing delinquent accounts from banks for pennies on the pound (about ten percent or less) and then attempt to get the full value from you. When dealing with Capquest do remember that this is actually what they do for a living. They will then use all sorts of methods to get money from you - any amount of money. This often includes frightening people to the extent that they are scared all of the time, their relationships suffer and their lives may even be ruined. This is all because some greedy people obtained the information about an unsecured debt and wanted to make money from it.

Plenty of people like yourself have observed that these debt companies will always insist on contacting you by telephone. They choose to use the phone instead of writing to you. Isn't this odd? The reason for this is that they wouldn't be able to threaten you on paper for the reason that they do not wish to perjure themselves in a verifiable form such as a letter.

Assuming that you are having to cope with Capquest then perhaps you may be reassured that a lot of the actions that they are using to harass you remain questionable or have become so. These debt collecting companies or DCAs appear under very little obligation, it seems, to do anything to improve their behaviour until made to do so by the OFT (Office of Fair Trading).

So ask Capquest for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





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